Why choose CreditIQ for your online to in-store car buying solution?


The proliferation of mobile and eCommerce for retail purchases is the new normal. No matter how different or how unique we think the car buying process is, today’s consumer is forcing us to adapt to their desires.

The dealership’s website is typically the first thing a consumer sees and your digital presence has an immediate impact on how you’re perceived by car shoppers. And the stakes have never been higher with the average car buyer now only visiting only 1.3 dealers before buying a car.

CreditIQ was born out of a desire to help dealerships meet the increasing demands of today’s consumer. We are a technology company focused on helping dealers move more of the sales process online.

A recent study conducted by AutoTrader revealed that 72 percent of buyers (especially Millennials) want to complete a credit application and financing paperwork online to save time at the dealership and feel less pressure completing paperwork at the dealership.

We’ve developed a simple website plug-in for dealers that enables them to offer online pre-qualified financing as the next logical step towards a complete online car-buying process.

How it works

Your customer:

  • Chooses a car from the listings on your site
  • Decides to finance the purchase
  • Wants to know the rates…monthly payment to make sure the car fits within their budget
  • Completes the finance application on your website…just like they do today
  • Receives a real lender response or your prequalification in 60 seconds or less

What happens behind the scenes: We take your application information, perform a soft credit pull, prequalify the customer according to your rates and route it to the most appropriate lender and provide a tailored lender response…all in matter of seconds.

What you get:

  • Online sales prospects that are deeper down the sales funnel…more committed, and more likely they will visit your dealership
  • Make sure the customer is on the right car
  • Find out if there’s room to upsell based on the pre-approval
  • Faster in-store sales process…moving towards the 45-minute sale method


  • What work is involved? You put us in touch with the contact at your website provider (i.e. Dealer.com, CDK Global, Dealerfire.com, etc.) and we take care of the rest.
  • What does it cost?
  • Can you add GAP, VSC products to the loan? Yes, our lenders generally accept products backed by A-rated insurance companies.
  • Can you add your lenders to our platform? Yes, just get us in touch with your local representative and we’ll take care of the rest.

For more information: Call – 888 977 7773, or email us at info@creditiq.com.

Bill Gerhard
Author: Bill Gerhard

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