Win the F&I Profit Race by getting a head start.


If you were in a ten-story stair climb race and got to start on floor 6 or 7, you’d win every time.

Even if you were up against great athletes, you would likely get to the finish line before they could catch you.

The same goes for F&I managers. We put them in a race on every deal. We ask them for speed and accuracy to find the most F&I profit for the dealership. Great F&I directors with a lot of experience are like your great athletes in the ten-story stair race. They like winning and work hard to win.

Their experience allows them to start on floor two or three sometimes because they quickly line up the customer situation and the lender parameters to guide the F&I process to the finish line. They still have to work hard and sometimes still miss placing the customer with a more profitable lender decision. Our audits show that 20% of F&I deals get placed with lender decisions that don’t maximize dealership profitability.

ProfitIQ is designed to let F&I managers, rookie or expert level, start from the 6th or 7th floor of the proverbial ten-story stair race in F&I. 

They do the race prep by selecting the lenders they want to use for the customer, click a button to ship the deal info to the lenders, and then move up to floor 6 or 7 to start their F&I profit race. ProfitIQ organizes all the lender decisions and calculates profitability in an easy-to-read comparative format.

The F&I manager doesn’t have to open each deal, manually calculate profit and analyze how they can adjust the deal to make more profit. ProfitIQ instantly gives them the profit for each lender decision and points out areas for improvements that capture more profit.

When the F&I manager sells an ancillary product, ProfitIQ automatically recalculates all the lender decisions to see how it affects the profitability for each decision. This feature makes the race to maximum profitability much easier for the F&I managers.

The right tools help move the starting line to make reaching maximum profit goals easier. F&I managers can add more revenue to the dealership with the right tool.

If you are interested in learning more about ProfitIQ and want to give your F&I team a head start to winning the maximum profit race, please reach out to us at – sales@creditiq.com 

Kent Mihlbauer
Author: Kent Mihlbauer

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