How to minimize F&I Customer down Time and crush PVR Profits

Customer downtime is a big issue when customers want the buying experience to be fast. I have heard F&I experts talk about keeping customers busy by printing out the declination or accept/decline documents for the loan term the customer accepted and an extended loan term while the F&I manager is getting the product menu ready. … Read more

How to Use data to know the maximum F&I profit

When you are running a dealership, you review data frequently. Number of online leads Number of ups Inventory Floorplan and age Marketing ROI to drive leads and sales Number of leads that turn into sales Cost structures and accounting data You use software to manage the data and to help you find opportunities to increase … Read more

35% PVR increase for F&I on CreditIQ Digital Retail deals

Technology and internet access has turned consumers into multi-faceted employees. We are all professional researchers. We are all product analysts and reviewers. We are all bankers. (online) We are all travel agents, scheduling our travel and vacations. We are even waiters and waitresses at this point due to Covid-19 rules for self-ordering on your smartphone. … Read more

eCommerce jumps 32.4% in 2020. Did Yours?

Ecommerce jumped 32.4% this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was projected to “only” jump 18% until the pandemic shifted consumers’ buying habits.  Ecommerce will reach 14.4% of all retail sales in 2020 or $794.5 billion in sales. Projected growth is anticipated to slow in 2021, but customers are projected to continue to drive … Read more

Dealer Decision Review Makes Digital Retailing Less Scary

Automotive online retailing comes with some scary issues. (Halloween post) Scary question #1 – Who approves the deal to make sure it’s profitable? Every deal needs decisioning to be cleared for the final sale. Doing an online deal with “automated” decisioning sounds super scary because the customer gets an “approved” deal that has not been … Read more

The $5 issue that costs you $360 in profit.

Are you willing to give up $360 of gross for a digital deal that has miss calculated your online customer deal by $5? When your digital retailing process delivers a monthly payment guestimate that is $5 lower, do you end up eating that difference or battle the customer to get them to pay the difference? … Read more