The Online F&I Box is Gentler But Has Better Profitability

I bet you have never heard a customer say, “I can’t wait to go to the F&I Box.” Well, most consumers don’t know it’s called “the Box”; they know that going into F&I is stressful and time-consuming. They know to put up their guard and push hard to get through the protection offers as fast … Read more

Why Would an Automotive Digital Retailing Platform Get PCI Certification?

Because it’s hard, and we like to do hard things. That is why we built a true penny perfect digital retailing platform. We don’t guess or estimate payments for our partners. We deliver a fully integrated platform that provides a payment structure just like you do for dealership showroom customers. CreditIQ isn’t required to be … Read more

7 Key questions to ask when investigating Digital Retailing platforms

The new digital retailing world is creating new expectations from your customers and new challenges for your retail processes. The ultimate goal, no matter how a customer decides to purchase, is to build trust and drive confidence throughout the purchase process. Ask these questions of the vendors you interview and you will better understand what … Read more

Delivering Trust in Automotive Digital Retailing

How do you feel when a customer goes all the way through the sales process, agrees to terms, and then tells you they want to “think about it” overnight? It’s deflating, annoying, and even disrespectful of your time. Especially when they never come back because they are at another dealership buying a vehicle from someone … Read more

What if Your BDC Actually SOLD Your Inventory Through Digital Retailing?

Most BDC’s were set up to take internet and phone leads to allow the showroom floor salespeople to work the ups that were on the lot. Thus, they became information providers and appointment setters for the showroom sales staff.  What would happen if you turned the BDC into a digital retailing sales force? One of … Read more

How many broken deals does your digital retailing tool deliver?

The allure of a digital retailing process for auto buyers is very enticing. Customers expect a digital retailing experience to be similar to their other online shopping experiences. They don’t understand nor care about the complexity of the automobile sale process and often walk away from digital “deals” when they get to the showroom and … Read more

Pencil Perfect or Estimated Payments?

Dealers work with everyone who wants to buy a vehicle and with the sales process moving online quickly it’s important to define the common term of “Perfect”. There are a lot of vendors touting “Perfect” calculation products that can be confusing to dealers. Perfect sounds great but what does it actually mean? There are two … Read more

Digital financial analysis eliminates prejudice

In a time when discrimination and racism are a focal point in our nation, it’s important to look back on financial discrimination in auto lending and forward on how we can do better as an industry. In 2013, Ally Financial paid out $98 million to settle a suit claiming they discriminate by charging minorities higher … Read more

Why Banks Want Dealers to Use Digital F&I

As dealerships look to adjust to the new sales processes that social distancing requires, it is important to see the benefits it brings. Here are some basic data points from a dealer group and one of their banking partners regarding online customers and financing. Less than 2% of applications were below the bank’s preset filters, … Read more