eCommerce jumps 32.4% in 2020. Did Yours?

Ecommerce jumped 32.4% this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was projected to “only” jump 18% until the pandemic shifted consumers’ buying habits.  Ecommerce will reach 14.4% of all retail sales in 2020 or $794.5 billion in sales. Projected growth is anticipated to slow in 2021, but customers are projected to continue to drive … Read more

Don’t stop your customers from buying with a bad Digital Retailing to showroom handoff

Shoppers are looking for the least friction possible when shopping on your website or VDP’s. How easily and quickly can they start the buying process once the buying trigger goes off in their brain? Traditionally, dealers have just collected leads and then moved the customers to the showroom for the in-person workflow. In today’s new … Read more

Sync your online DR with your Showroom Sales Process

When you drop the baton in a relay race, you lose. You often get the same result when the handoff between your Digital Retailing platform and your showroom is dropped. One of the most significant issues that create this dropped baton is when the Digital Retailing platform doesn’t integrate with your showroom platforms. Without integrations, … Read more

Digital Retailing allows Customers to Pre-Order Their Vehicle

Do you allow customers to pre-order the hot new releases? Are customers willing to pay more for this privilege? What would happen if you allow all your customers and website visitors to “pre-order” the vehicle they desire directly from the VDP’s of your website? Suppose you think about digital retailing the same way you think … Read more

4 ways to calculate ROI on Digital Retailing

Have you ever sold a vehicle over the phone to a customer who just wants to pick up the vehicle? (or have delivered) Most dealerships have executed the “remote phone sale” process and have been able to know the exact gross of the deal. That’s what dealers want when it comes to digital retailing. They … Read more

Dealer Decision Review Makes Digital Retailing Less Scary

Automotive online retailing comes with some scary issues. (Halloween post) Scary question #1 – Who approves the deal to make sure it’s profitable? Every deal needs decisioning to be cleared for the final sale. Doing an online deal with “automated” decisioning sounds super scary because the customer gets an “approved” deal that has not been … Read more

Digital Retailing Through Your Credit and Trade Apps.

Convert your online leads into profitable online sales! We all know how valuable credit app and trade-in app leads are. These are active customers looking to increase their sales knowledge and expedite the sales process.  Many dealers use these tools, but they are disjointed from the actual buying process. Thus, the customer fills out a … Read more

8 Elements for Contract Ready Pencil Perfect Digital LEASING for Your Year-End Sales Event

32% of 2019 new vehicle “sales” were leased. Many of the premium brands had lease rates above 50% for the year. When it comes to online sales, you want to ensure that you can provide Pencil Perfect Digital Lease Deals to these buyers, especially since these “buyers” switch vehicles a lot more frequently than most … Read more

Year-End Sales Events Need Pencil Perfect Contract Ready Digital Retailing

New vehicle sales in December 2019 were 1,543,471, and we are expecting to have a similar December this year. Year-end sales events will froth the sales waters and energize buyers to get out there and buy or lease a new vehicle.  Are you ready for a second Covid-19 spike that will require you to meet … Read more

Are you ready to handle the year-end sales push virtually this year?

Pandemic or not, vehicle sales are expected to see the usual jump during the holiday/year-end sales events. Are you prepared to meet your December sales goals when customers require you to have online retailing before they even consider buying from you? 2020 has been an interesting year for retailing vehicles, showroom shutdowns, social distancing, supply … Read more