Make your website the top salesperson


The average car buyer spends nearly 15 hours shopping for a vehicle, and most of that time – about 9 hours, is spent online. Dealership websites are the first dealer contacts for nearly half of vehicle shoppers, and almost 40 percent of all buyers went only to the dealership where they made their purchase.

Also, more than half of consumers who visited the website of the dealership from which they ultimately purchased or leased say they were influenced by that dealer’s website. Interestingly, among those same consumers, nearly 60% felt more comfortable starting this process on a dealer’s website compared to third-party sites.

That all ads up to suggest your website is arguably the most important part of your sales team.

Demonstrate values car buyer’s care about.

Offer expertise and insight that demands nothing in return, help shoppers find what they need, provide information conveniently and openly, and avoid trying to fit everyone into the same sales box.

If a shopper gets to your website and you provide something like what he/she is seeking – there’s a good chance to influence that prospect to visit your dealership to purchase.

Here’s a list of car shopping/buying activities specific to dealership websites that most consumers want to do online, and the percentage that want that option:

  • 83% want technology to help them narrow down their vehicle choices based on what is affordable to them.
  • 70% expect to find the ability to configure their real monthly payment options on the dealership’s website.
  • 52% want to start the credit process online.
  • 52% want to learn about the dealer’s finance and insurance products on the dealership website.

Consumers are clearly indicating they want dealers to offer the ability to complete more of the car-buying process online.

Capturing a larger share of the total research time and/or online time spent by shoppers will result in more sales. Delivering an online experience that satisfies more of today’s car shoppers needs is crucial.


Bill Gerhard
Author: Bill Gerhard

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