5 Benefits of Configurable Workflows


As the automotive industry continues to evolve online, emphasis is now being placed on making websites more transactional. 

The debate over the pros and cons of digital retailing for many dealers is the result of the “one size fits all” products available that offer limited customization. 

Configurable workflows give you the platform and tool set needed to tailor the online retailing experience to your vision.

5 benefits of configurable workflows:

  1. Execute your digital strategy in a streamlined, reliable and cost effective manner
  2. Change/Add functionality as fast as you want to
  3. Continuously optimize operations
  4. Get to market faster with phased adoption
  5. Improve compliance with audit trails

CreditIQ provides our clients with configurable technology solutions for managing the car purchase process from “discovery-to-delivery.”

  • Firm Offer Prequalification 
  • Trade & Appraisal + Loan Payoff 
  • F&I Menuing 
  • Instant Decisioning 
  • Bookout Sheet + Contracting 
  • eContracting/eSign 
  • Dealer Console 

Evolve your retailing process with CreditIQ’s retailing solutions. From tools that drive shoppers further down the sales funnel to true end-to-end online retailing, we build our products to fit the needs of both your company and your customers.

Bill Gerhard
Author: Bill Gerhard

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