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Transparency and Trust

As automobile dealers allocate more time, money and resources to their online storefronts, it’s important to make sure your eCommerce sites stay in-sync with your brick-and-mortar stores (and vice-versa). Increase the transparency between the two – and increase trust with your customers.

While digital retailing tools are providing car shoppers with more information and the ability to complete more of the sales process before visiting the dealership, there is still more work that needs to be done to improve the car buying experience. 

Adding more transparency is only part of the equation for building trust. The other part is consistency.

Consistency across all touch points – vehicle price, finance rates, amount financed, downpayment, monthly payments, trade estimate/appraisal, ancillary products – are equally important factors to earning more trust and creating stronger customer loyalty.

Building trust online has never been more important as the number of dealerships visited in the car-buying process continues to drop. On average, according to the 2019 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey study, car buyers who purchased from a dealership visited 2.3 dealers. In 2017, the average buyer visited 2.7. Further, 41% of buyers now visit just one dealership during the car-buying process, up from 30% in the 2017 study.

Transparency and pricing consistency are key: Online has to mirror in-store. Digital retailing tools must be in perfect alignment. Trust will be lost if the information presented online changes when the customer arrives in the showroom.

The problem is updating websites and digital retailing tools can be a time consuming and cumbersome task. Having a functional dealer console provides the dealer with an efficient way to make changes in real time.

CreditIQ’s Dealer Console and Settings

CreditIQ’s Dealer Console makes it easy for our clients to update and manage their online settings. In minutes, authorized personnel can change product and pricing settings, view prequal and/or hard inquiry credit info for submitted applications, and even see and analyze your customer’s journey through our session replay tool.

Console features:

  • Update all of your providers, products and pricing 
  • View application prequal and/or hard inquiry credit info
  • Make real time updates to deals directly in the checkout flow
  • Utilize ‘Story’ – our Instant Replay of user sessions and interactions

Evolve your retailing process with CreditIQ’s retailing solutions. From tools that drive shoppers further down the sales funnel to true end-to-end online retailing, we build our products to fit the needs of both your company and your customers.


CreditIQ: The Complete “Discovery-to-Delivery” Auto-Retailing Platform

Bill Gerhard
Author: Bill Gerhard

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