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Given the overwhelming number of options consumers are faced with today, they want to feel more in control – from discovery to making a final purchase decision. With most car buyers starting the buying process online, integrating contextualized information helps your shoppers better understand their choices and further assists them in the decision-making process.

The initial research phase should extend beyond car shopping and include activities such as understanding and securing financing, getting a trade-in offer and learning about protection products and add-ons. Steps that often and more traditionally occur later in the sales process at the dealership.

According to a recent study conducted by Cox Automotive, three-quarters of shoppers are more likely to buy from the dealership that lets them start the buying process online.

Today’s Consumers

…87% want to want to take steps online towards buying a car

…73% are more likely to buy from a dealership if they can start the buying process online

…62% still want help from the dealership staff even if online buying is available

…89% prefer to sign the paperwork in the dealership

Similar to a knowledgeable sales associate who is available 24/7, providing interactive online deal-structuring tools helps you win shoppers during the earliest part of their shopping phase, resulting in more ‘shows’ and sales.

Enable shoppers to get answers to the following questions:

  • What’s my monthly payment for the vehicle I’m looking at?
  • What’s my current vehicle worth?
  • What protection products are available?

It’s also vital that your sales and F&I staff are trained on (and can access) the same tools to avoid struggles and confusion when shoppers call, email or arrive at the store.

Benefits of guided selling:

-You can lead shoppers closer to a purchase decision

-You can reduce complexity and make shopping easier

-You can make the car the star at the dealership—and spend less time on the deal

-You can deliver a “connected” retail experience that seamlessly integrates online and in-store

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Bill Gerhard
Author: Bill Gerhard

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