Serving your Dealer Client’s Vital Needs


If a dealer told you that you will be fired from their store unless you can help them sell a vehicle to a customer 300 miles away and guarantee financing that will be profitable for them, what would you do?

What would you do if 50 dealerships said this? 100?

That is the retailing and business path dealerships are on. If they want to succeed they know they have to accommodate customer desires and will eliminate vendors that aren’t helping them do so. The dealer vendor industry is littered with no growth companies that have lost their position as an important provider of ROI to the dealers. 

Would you accept your fate and know that you lost a good client dealership? Or 50, or 100?


Would you find a solution that helps you retain your valued dealer clients?

That is the situation facing the dealer vendor industry. Every dealer vendor must ask one question – How can I help my dealer clients perform better as consumer demand moves to digital retailing?

Sure, Coronavirus and the “Safer at Home” shutdown has highlighted the need for digital retailing over the last few months. However, before the shutdown, 10% of consumers REQUIRED a dealer to have digital retailing before they would consider purchasing a vehicle from them. This trend was already moving fast and now it has picked up speed.

As a dealer vendor, it is time to help turn your lead generation business into a digital retailing solution that provides your dealers with the ROI they are looking for, and quickly!

CreditIQ can help you develop a licensed white-labeled product that you can quickly (2-3 months) provide to your dealer clients. It’s a truly integrated platform that is fully functional and helping dealers digitally sell vehicles today. 

If you are interested in learning more about how our platform can help your business be more vital to the dealers (and consumers) reach out to us at – sales@creditiq.com

Bill Liatsis
Author: Bill Liatsis

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