Delivering Trust in Automotive Digital Retailing


How do you feel when a customer goes all the way through the sales process, agrees to terms, and then tells you they want to “think about it” overnight?

It’s deflating, annoying, and even disrespectful of your time. Especially when they never come back because they are at another dealership buying a vehicle from someone else after all your hard work.

Well, that’s pretty much how a customer feels when they use your digital retailing tool and the numbers start changing once they are in the showroom. Buying a vehicle is a very emotional purchase for most consumers and starting the in-person relationship by destroying their confidence in your “transparency” does not set up a positive emotional experience.

CreditIQ was designed to result in a positive online to showroom transfer of the deal. When a customer “buys” online through the CreditIQ platform, the payment is truly pencil perfect and the delivery is the only task to accomplish to finalize the purchase. The numbers are accurate, the paperwork is ready, and the car should be on delivery row ready for the customer to drive off. Best of all, you control the process, the lenders, and your back end.

How can CreditIQ deliver this?

Unlike many digital retailing products on the market, CreditIQ has intently focused on contract-readiness, and is integrated with your systems and your showroom to facilitate the deal. This allows you to work with real information.

All that and more in a customer intuitive deal flow that is managed by the dealership for complete control over their profitability. We even generate full bookout and e-contracting to expedite the delivery process. Our clients trust us to help them deliver trust to their customers and it has been paying off in spades for them.

If you are ready to digitally retail with true pencil perfect digital retailing please reach out to us at – sales@creditiq.com or click below to learn more.

Bill Liatsis
Author: Bill Liatsis

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