The $5 issue that costs you $360 in profit.


Are you willing to give up $360 of gross for a digital deal that has miss calculated your online customer deal by $5?

When your digital retailing process delivers a monthly payment guestimate that is $5 lower, do you end up eating that difference or battle the customer to get them to pay the difference?

Battling the customer may save your profitability, but that often builds negative feelings from customers that thought they bought at the price they got online.

Eating a $5 monthly price doesn’t seem like a lot, but over a 72-month loan, that’s $360! Would you give up $360 per deal in your showroom just because your software delivers a guestimate?

Of course, you wouldn’t, so why would you give up $360 for your online deals that are delivering guestimates?

CreditIQ’s True Pencil Perfect Digital Retailing Platform delivers contract ready deals that are to the penny. CreditIQ does this by fully integrating with all of your deal management software to make sure that you are providing profitable and precise deals to your online customers. 

I use $5 as a small example. I often see $20-$40+ differences between the online monthly payment quote and what gets delivered to the customers. These are not fun battles for your sales team nor the customers, and no one is happy at the end of the purchase. The dealer ends up with a short deal, and the customer feels abused after they drive their new vehicle away. 

Dealers must match the consumer desire for how they want to purchase a vehicle. Thus, it’s vital to keep the price accurate and transparent, regardless of where the customer starts or finishes their deal. 

If you are looking to deliver Pencil Perfect online deals to your customers, please reach out to us at – sales@creditiq.com or click below to learn more.

Kent Mihlbauer
Author: Kent Mihlbauer

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