Are you ready to handle the year-end sales push virtually this year?

Pandemic or not, vehicle sales are expected to see the usual jump during the holiday/year-end sales events. Are you prepared to meet your December sales goals when customers require you to have online retailing before they even consider buying from you?

2020 has been an interesting year for retailing vehicles, showroom shutdowns, social distancing, supply shortages, etc. have all kept things evolving for your dealership. Dealers who had some sort of online retailing platform seemed to do better than those that didn’t. Many customers now require dealerships to do most, if not all, of the buying process online just to be considered for their vehicle purchase. The digital retailing process desire from customers was increasing before the COVID pandemic. Now, only six months from the start of the pandemic, it’s an expectation by the majority of vehicle buyers. 

There are still some unknowns about how this year will end. Will we have a second COVID spike and another round of shutdowns as we move into the indoor lifestyle of the fall and winter months? Will customers push further into social distancing retailing requirements? We don’t know, but we need to be ready to sell a vehicle any way the customers want to buy it. 

Every dealer should be looking to install or upgrade to a Contract Ready Digital Retailing platform today to be ready for the end of the year sales events. Getting your store prepared for both Black Friday and New Year’s events is critical to get your share of this vital selling season revenue.

Making sure you can deliver Pencil Perfect Digital Retail deals is key to holding gross on all your digital sales. As I have noted before, a $5 mistake by a platform that only provides payment “guesstimates” can cost you $360 of profit on a 72-month loan.

I know it’s a little early to be thinking about Black Friday and New Year’s sales, but it will take a short time to get your dealership set up with a digital retail tool, and be ready for flawless sales execution. The CreditIQ platform is also easy for your staff, your customers, and fits into your current sales process, so it won’t take long to learn and have your team become digital retailing experts. 

If you are interested in having CreditIQ get you set up for Pencil Perfect Contract Ready Digital Retailing to make your end of the year sales events awesome, please reach out to us at – or click below to learn more.

Kent Mihlbauer
Author: Kent Mihlbauer