Digital Retailing Through Your Credit and Trade Apps.

Convert your online leads into profitable online sales!

We all know how valuable credit app and trade-in app leads are. These are active customers looking to increase their sales knowledge and expedite the sales process. 

Many dealers use these tools, but they are disjointed from the actual buying process. Thus, the customer fills out a form, and then they have to wait for a phone call or text, or email to continue the buying process.

Ideally, customers are never redirected out of the buying process.

Most lead generation forms have a flow as follows.

Consumer fills out the form, form sent to dealership/BDC/Sales, minutes to hours go by, the customer is contacted to come into the dealership to finish the buying process.

Most digital retailing platforms also follow this path.

When a customer is looking to buy, it’s critical to get them as far down the buying process as possible without redirecting them. Doing so builds an ownership mindset in the customer and dramatically increases the odds of a completed sale.

When your credit application and trade valuation forms are part of your digital retailing platform, the customer never leaves the sales process. When customers fill out a “lead” form, they are automatically allowed to go through as much of the full digital retailing process as they desire. It’s a natural and comfortable step for customers to take when offered a continuing path to their final goal – ownership!

The other benefit of having the lead form as part of your online retailing effort is that no matter where a customer stops, the dealership can pick up the deal (lead) from that point. There is no chance of losing the credit app or the trade info and forcing the customer to provide the information again.

Having a lead to sales flow that doesn’t include time gaps, roadblocks, and duplicated work effort for your customers will increase your overall conversion rate of leads to closed sales. Working with a platform like CreditIQ that also conforms to your current sales process will make it a breeze for your employees to use as well. Customers win, employees win, and dealership profits win!

If you are interested in having CreditIQ get you set up for Pencil Perfect Contract Ready Digital Leasing/Retailing that also has full lead capture integrated into the digital sale process, please reach out to us at – or click below to learn more.

Kent Mihlbauer
Author: Kent Mihlbauer

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