3 Tips For Increasing Lead Conversion

Dealers tell us their number one priority for digital marketing is increasing lead conversion. However, there’s more to reaching online customers than getting them to fill out forms, since we know only 10% of car shoppers will fill out an online contact form or communicate via email. Most car shoppers visit your site for information … Read more

Overstock Cars is Live – Multi-Lender Financing by CreditIQ

There’s now a new way for customers of Overstock to finance and purchase vehicles and protection plans in minutes – right from the Overstock Cars website from anywhere, on any device. “By combining our online capabilities with CreditIQ’s fast and efficient online checkout process, we are making the customer experience faster, smoother and simpler,” said Jason Silver at … Read more

Online Car Sales and CreditIQ

An increasing number of OEMs and dealers are taking the plunge into online car sales. It makes perfect sense since today’s car buyers want to complete more of the paperwork prior to visiting the dealer, and dealers are looking for ways to shorten in-store transaction times and reduce their sales costs. In support of this growing … Read more

Digital auto retailing and the impact to the F+I office

As automotive sales have recovered and then outpaced previous records, a few techniques are driving market growth. The major industry trends are simple: cutting edge digital sales techniques are transforming the sales process towards volume once again. Two methods stand out: (1) fully online sales, and (2) in-store closing processes, where dealers are now transitioning … Read more