Digital financial analysis eliminates prejudice

In a time when discrimination and racism are a focal point in our nation, it’s important to look back on financial discrimination in auto lending and forward on how we can do better as an industry. In 2013, Ally Financial paid out $98 million to settle a suit claiming they discriminate by charging minorities higher … Read more

Why Banks Want Dealers to Use Digital F&I

As dealerships look to adjust to the new sales processes that social distancing requires, it is important to see the benefits it brings. Here are some basic data points from a dealer group and one of their banking partners regarding online customers and financing. Less than 2% of applications were below the bank’s preset filters, … Read more

5 Benefits of Configurable Workflows

As the automotive industry continues to evolve online, emphasis is now being placed on making websites more transactional.  The debate over the pros and cons of digital retailing for many dealers is the result of the “one size fits all” products available that offer limited customization.  Configurable workflows give you the platform and tool set … Read more