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Internet Lead v. Sold Vehicle

Your customers can buy just about anything online today, and many want to buy their vehicle online as well.

Increase gross while letting people use digital retailing to enter the sales process.

Are you helping your customers love the buying process or sending them back into the old lead generation sales flow?

To The Penny Digital Retailing

Automotive deals are the most complicated consumer purchases. Getting the numbers right for an online deal is vital to finalizing the sale.

Small misses take a considerable chunk out of profits. A simple $5 a month payment miscalculation takes $360 of profit off the top of the deal!

Don’t use an online estimator! CreditIQ gives you TO THE PENNY pricing that includes accurate fees, taxes, trade payoff, and approved financing APR.

Broken Deals Hurt Profits

Profit loss on miss quoted deals is bad enough, but using an online retailing product that is inaccurate often leads to an upset customer that walks away from the deal at the showroom.

Using a To The Penny platform like CreditIQ assures you of an easy showroom transition to deliver the vehicle to its new owner.

To The Penny Leases

The lease penetration keeps growing and will soon be 35% of all new vehicle purchases.

Fortunately CreditIQ calculates to the penny leases as well.

To The Penny Financing

You don’t want to lose a deal because your online retail tool doesn’t deliver Pencil Perfect deals to your customers.

CreditIQ connects with all your current showroom deal management tools to provide a To The Penny deal just like you do in the showroom.

Soft Pull Credit and Firm Offer

Help your customers find the best vehicle for their creditworthiness.

Stop losing profit when you have to stuff a customer into a vehicle they can’t afford or finance. Firm offers help shoppers know they can buy the vehicle and motivates them to continue through the online buying process.

Get Accurate Trade Values

Allow your customers to add their trade info directly into the deal they are working on.

It’s simple and helps you get the trade information upfront and not as a surprise after the deal has already been worked out.

Precise payoff quotes are provided as well in CreditIQ’s platform.

KBB Trade Value Integration

CreditIQ is fully integrated with the Kelley Blue Book trade valuation tool. This allows you to stick with your current information source.

CreditIQ also allows each dealer to set “standards” for their allowance preferences. Go aggressive or go conservative based on your trade needs.

J.D. POWER Trade Value Integration

CreditIQ is fully integrated with the NADA trade valuation tool. This allows you to stick with your current information source.

CreditIQ also allows each dealer to set “standards” for their allowance preferences. Go aggressive or go conservative based on your trade needs.

Integrated Payoff Quote from RouteOne

Knowing the payoff has a large effect on the lease and finance options. You can’t have a pencil perfect deal unless you know the equity or carryover you need to build into the deal.

CreditIQ provides a direct payoff quote, down to the daily finance charges you’ll need with over 100 of the largest lenders in the US.

Integrated Credit Application

The customer is well on their way to purchase a vehicle, and a few additional pieces of info will get them a pencil perfect finance or lease offers.

CreditIQ’s integrated digital credit application is contained in the deal process and feeds real decisions, with your applied markup into the deal as necessary based on the customer’s credit rating and your team’s rules.

PCI Compliant

CreditIQ is prepared to meet the highest challenges in financial services. To this effect, we’ve attained bank level security, which is required by Experian for any direct integration. In addition to annual PEN Testing, CreditIQ has the processes implemented, and a legal attestation that backs up our process.

Being PCI certified is proof to our clients and partners that we are serious about security and keeping their data secure. The PCI certification provides our clients with peace of mind that we are taking every precaution to keep credit and bank-level data safe, at the highest level possible.

VIN Specific Deal

For a To The Penny digital retail deal to be accurate, CreditIQ uses a proper VIN-decode, powered by ChromeData to verify each vehicle. We pull in all actual vehicle data from your DMS, website, or inventory provider, and apply it to make sure the deal is valid.

Complete Rebate Options

Keep your customers involved and motivated to buy with a full list of all eligible rebates for each VIN.

CreditIQ automatically shows and structures rebates into the deal and presents them to the customer.

Now’s your chance. Book a Demo.

Perfect Taxes & Fees Calculations

CreditIQ calculates taxes down to the street address level making sure that each deal is to the penny. We understand that many dealers are on state, county, borders, and need to include all the proper taxes. We also know that fees vary depending on location, and we want to make sure you get the deal done and avoid the payment pitfalls of not having accurate tax and fees included in your online retail deals.

Full F&I Menu and Ancillary Product Merchandizing

Increase revenue by letting pencil perfect buyers see and select warranty, service, and vehicle protection products.

Online buyers buy more F&I products than showroom buyers and increase revenue per deal.

Your Current Lenders are Fully Integrated

No need to change or adjust any of your preferred lenders, no matter how many lenders you work with. CreditIQ digitally connects almost all lenders in the auto loan industry and even provides instant decisions from many lenders.

Communicating electronically with all your lending partners saves you time and effort in submitting loan requests. You select your desired lenders for the deal with a mouse click and send them off. Your lender can also set specific filters to allow for “automated” approvals that get returned almost instantly, speeding up the approval process even more!

Deal Management in the CreditIQ Dashboard

It’s simple to manage and control all the deal aspects inside the CreditIQ dashboard.

See the customers’ progress, assist the sale when needed, and always stay in control of the deal to maximize profitability.

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Full Integration Gives You To The Penny Deals Online

CreditIQ is fully integrated with RouteOne and DealerTrack, allowing you to structure and execute the deal like you would if the customer was in the showroom.

Don’t change your sales process. Just simplify the deal flow with CreditIQ’s platform.

Full Bookout

It’s easy to send your lenders a full bookout statement from CreditIQ. Bookout statements are built into our platform and can be effortlessly added to the deal jacket with the click of a button or printed out if desired.

Fast, easy, and efficient. Keeping the process moving quickly through the final stages.

No Final Sale? No Worries, It’s Still a Hot Lead

From the 1st data entry point, you have secured the customer as a lead. The dashboard allows you to see the “progress” each customer has made in the purchase process.

You can also re-activate the customer by sending them an email (or text) link to the deal to get them back into the deal flow. Many go through the full process and set up a downpayment or delivery appointment.

20-30 Minute Delivery Appointment

CreditIQ delivers a pencil perfect digital retail deal and the only step left for the customer and dealership is to deliver the vehicle. The full bookout and all the final paperwork can be prepared for the delivery appointment. E-signatures or wet signatures can be done at the showroom or for remote deliveries.

Either way, it’s a fast, safe, and happy final step to the sale.

Make a Hard Process Easier

CreditIQ takes the current chaotic and distributed deal process and simplifies it for your sales team, F&I team, and the customer.

Deal management bounces between multiple software vendors and often require several manual data entries and transfers. These are areas where mistakes often happen, requiring adjusted deal terms, increases time in the deal process, and customer impatience. All these lead to decreased profits per deal.

CreditIQ Simplified Deal Management

CreditIQ integrates with all your current deal software and automates the full data exchange process.

Much like travel sites Travelocity, Expedia, Kayak, etc., simplify the travel planning process, CreditIQ simplifies the online deal process. You easily deliver pencil perfect deals and delight customers with a fast, efficient, and desired online buying experience.

Finance and Lease Deals at Full Spread

The dealer controls the spread on each deal and by the lender to maximize offer profitability.

Customers see multiple finance offers and get to select the best or preferred offer. The customer often feels they are getting the best deal even though the spread is at max. The CreditIQ process not only delivers a happy customer but also maximizes profits per deal.

CreditIQ Results

One of our clients is delivering 500+ To The Penny, perfect online retail sales per month through their BDC.

They are currently selling 2X the vehicles with HALF the staff they use in their traditional showroom sales process. Not every dealer group is ready for this shift, but it’s nice to know that CreditIQ can help you succeed today, next year, and beyond.

Clients are also seeing a significant increase of inside finance penetration (10%+) that is helping drive up overall F&I revenue per deal. Many are also getting increased sales of F&I ancillary protection products, online deals are more likely to add products vs. showroom deals.

As noted earlier, many customers are accepting terms with higher markups, allowing dealers to have increased revenue per deal based on funding approval.

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F&I Perfected

Digital Finance for Automotive Retail Showrooms


Take the Easy Online Process into the Showroom

Sales moving online is only one of the changes dealers are facing today. Another is that customers want to get through the showroom sales experience much faster. This transition has been going on for several years and is being expedited due to Covid-19.

The CreditIQ process streamlines the process for your staff and keeps the customer engaged. Your staff can handle more buyers at a time and customers aren’t left in waiting rooms during the process. Post test drive, many deals are being finalized in under one hour.

The showroom process for CreditIQ

Instant Credit Approvals in the Showroom

Just like digital retailing, showroom customers can be put into the digital process. Customers fill out a digital credit app and if they have solid credit they get instant approval. They can pre-shop protection products, even select the ones they would like before going to the F&I department to finalize the paperwork

It’s a win-win, faster-paced for the customer, and often higher F&I revenue for the dealership.

Full Bookout for Showroom Deals

It’s easy to send your lenders a full bookout statement from CreditIQ. Bookout statements are built into our platform and can be effortlessly added to the deal jacket with the click of a button or printed out if desired.

Fast, easy, and efficient. Keeping the process moving quickly through the final stages.


CreditIQ is fully integrated with RouteOne and DealerTrack allowing you to e-contract all your deals if desired.

Profitability Analysis of F&I

Understand the profitability of each deal based on actual numbers from your lenders. It’s awesome when your F&I leaders win a vacation for using a valued lender. It’s scary to push deals to that lender to win a vacation that could be more profitable to the dealership by using other lenders.

Check out ProfitIQ page

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There are three packages to choose from, get the one that fits your digital retailing goals!