Sales and Financing Enterprise Platform for Auto Dealer Groups

List and Close deals on group inventory from any rooftop just like the internet-only retailers.

CreditIQ Enterprise Retail Platform

  • Customizable to fit your current workflow and any future workflow
  • Open API’s allow for selected individual tool integration or full process integration, whatever fits your need today (and the future)
  • Flawless online (phone, tablet, computer) to showroom sync to keep every deal consistent
  • Full lender integration (Lending as a Service – LaaS) allows ‘Contract Ready’ Digital Retailing at every rooftop
  • Set up and own the digital customer relationship just like dealers have branded and owned the showroom relationship the last 100 years

A powerful enterprise platform to own the customer experience as retail changes

Customizable Integrated Retailing allows you to be a leader in digital selling or pick the parts you want to use now and wait to go all in later.

Integrated Retailing can start with a website lead or a showroom up. Either way, your team has a powerful retail platform to manage the sale process from lead to signed contract.

Fully Integrated overlay sales hub for the group (and rooftops)

Full integration allows dealers to manage sales in ONE platform. Sales, Desk, and F&I all work together without having to re-key info from software to software. It’s a fluid workflow from website lead (or showroom up) all the way through funding and delivery.

Data is synchronized, and push/pulled into all your current software platforms. CRM, DMS, RouteOne, DealerTrack, Trade, Inventory, even your lenders. It’s fast, organized, and ROI efficient.

LaaS – (Lending as a Service) finalizes digital deals

Dealers can aggregate inventory across their group rooftops (or at individual rooftop level) and provide online financing to finalize sales online – instantly.

Display finance and lease offers to the customer from your current lenders and OEM captive finance companies. Close the sale online and schedule a showroom or remote delivery to your happy new customer.

Without LaaS, you have a lead generation tool – NOT a digital retailing platform.

Real-time decisioning with your current lenders

Customers see real lending and lease offers fast – usually within seconds of submitting their information.

Manage the flow and margins while eliminating the manual steps that cost you money. Eliminate data errors and increase speed for both online and showroom F&I processes.

Add F&I protection products and understand profitability based on lender margins and ancillary product caps within the decision.

Trade-in valuation AND payoff quote within workflow

Present NADA and KBB valuation and payoff quote as part of the deal and funding workflow. Dealer settings allow extra margin adjustments on trades for both aggressive or cautious trade capture.

It takes clean, accurate data to finalize a sale. CreditIQ’s enterprise platform keeps your data accurate and organized, so every sale is payment precise.

Soft Pull Credit and Firm Offer

Let your customer shop by payment based on ACTUAL creditworthiness

Stop losing profit when you have to stuff a customer into a vehicle they can’t afford or finance. Firm offers help them know they can buy the vehicle and motivates them to through the online buying process, giving you more closed deals every month.

Your Branded Online Experience

Own the customer experience for the next 100 years!

Automotive retail is changing quickly. Dealer Groups have spent a fortune developing their brand, and that needs to extend to all customers, whether buying online or in a showroom.

Seamlessly integrate your online, showroom, and BDC sales into one branded dealer group experience.

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