Standard Package Highlights

Get your website set up for true online retailing. Add the CreditIQ credit application, trade-in value calculator, and buy now buttons to all your VDP’s. Capture your online customers by allowing them to start their deals online. In 20-30 minutes, they can finalize the deal and come to the showroom for a delivery appointment. Even if they don’t go all the way through the purchase process, CreditIQ provides you with all the lead info so you can continue the sale in your traditional process.

Full Package Highlights

Get all the website digital retailing tools and clean up the chaotic deal management process (view left) with our F&I Perfected tool. It allows traditional ups to go through the faster digital F&I process and e-contracting. CreditIQ turns the chaotic deal management process into a smooth flowing, customer engaged, faster process that delivers happier customers and higher revenue. Not to mention, less work for your F&I team so they can do more deals per day/hour!

Complete Package

Launching Q4 2020, the complete package includes a fully integrated deal jacket for every deal you are working on. Easy dashboard and all the details to every deal with the click of your mouse. Stay on top of all the deals with simplified speed, accuracy, and control.