Maximizing F&I Profit

Instantly compare your F&I profit between lender decisions to maximize profit on every deal.

How It Works

  1. Real inventory data – 
    1. we pull it straight out of your inventory feed → real pricing data 
  2. Real bookout – 
    1. we make it easy for you to get the perfect bookout → Real LTV
  3. Real credit decision – 
    1. we pull it out of your DT/R1 where you are already desking it
    2. Payoff of trade-in included in profitability
  4. Real F&I product pricing 
    1. we pull it straight from your product provider or you can set it up as a dealership product


Green highlights show your current maximum profit.

Green is a great place to start your comparative analysis. It highlights the factors that make this lender decision the best option. It gives you the ability to more quickly determine if any other option is worth digging deeper into.


Yellow are deals that could become more profitable than the current green deal but there are current issues that need to be resolved to make it more profitable.

ProfitIQ highlights where you what you need to focus on in order for this option to become more profitable. Sometimes you’d need to get a higher down payment from the customer. Or you can try to work with the lender to decrease their fee, etc. It’s good to do a quick review of yellow deals to see if there are “easy” ways to get to a more profitable deal.


Red indicates deals that your F&I team shouldn’t waste any time looking at.

There is virtually no way to get the deal within the customers’ desires so spending time working on this lender decision is not advisable.

For example, a lender may have a buy rate above the rate you already promised the buyer. This would leave you no financing margin and limited F&I profit even if you could “upsell” the customer to the higher rate.

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Why ProfitIQ was Developed

CreditIQ has always been focused on increasing dealership profits. Our digital retailing platform was designed to help dealerships move website leads into “Sold Leads” that are contract ready deals. Our dealers see an increase in leads to sales conversion and a significant increase in F&I profits per deal.

Since our platform is fully integrated, dealers get “To the Penny” decisions returned directly into our platform for the F&I manager to evaluate. Most deals are sent to several lenders. Thus, the F&I managers were reviewing several decision structures for each deal, wasting time and effort that could be used to “sell” customers upgrades and ancillary products.

So we asked:

Would it help if CreditIQ was able to give you a comparative analysis of decisions so you could quickly and easily know which lender decision has the most profit?

Everyone we asked said, YES!!!

Thus, ProfitIQ was born.

Why You Want ProfitIQ for Your Dealership

Every business needs a profit margin to succeed. Most businesses have the profit margin guaranteed, or at least it is an exact known amount on each item sold.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an F&I profitability analysis on every sale? ProfitIQ gives F&I managers a real-time comparison of lender decision profits. Whether you sent the deal to 2 lenders or 10, you can easily see which decision is most profitable for the dealership.

How much revenue could you add to your F&I department if every deal went to the lender with maximum profit?

Automobile dealerships are unique as each deal has a variable profit margin depending on several factors. Factors like stair-step OEM rebates, aftermarket product sales, financing rates and margins, trade price for intake or resale, etc. That’s why finding and securing any additional profit during a single-vehicle sale helps the overall profitability of the dealership.

The internet has created price competition that has continued to drive prices toward a common range. This flattening of the available pricing range has made it much more difficult for dealers to hold front end gross on each sale.

Fortunately, F&I has been able to make up for some of this front end price equilibrium. 

An F&I math wiz will work with several lenders to find the best structure to make their commission or spiff bonuses as high as possible. 

However, the best commission/spiff combo for the F&I manager may not be the maximum available profit for the dealership.

Then you have the “Rookie” or even the great salesperson that you promoted to F&I manager. They do a good job selling additional products and getting people approved, but are they securing the highest F&I lender profit for the dealership?

Wouldn’t it be great to see every lender’s decision side by side from a profit basis?

Even a rookie F&I manager can see the highest profit per deal with ProfitIQ and help the dealership increase PVR and profitability.

Experienced F&I managers will spend a lot less time calculating several lenders’ profit, hoping to find the most profitable deal and use that time to sell more service contracts and ancillary products.

Fits Into Your Current Sales and F&I Process. Whether it is Complicated or a Straight Line Process.

We knew it had to be easy and fit into many different sales and F&I processes because every dealer process is unique.

One of the key ways to make it easy for everyone is to AUTOMATICALLY pull and push the deal info from your current systems. Since we already do this for our digital retailing product, it was easy for us to make ProfitIQ mostly hands free when populating all the data you need.

No extra steps and the ability to instantly SEE which lender decision is most profitable. That’s how you add value and ROI for dealers. That’s how you help F&I managers maximize their commissions.

What would it do if you averaged an extra $50 or more in F&I profit per deal using ProfitIQ?

Why it works for your dealership

  1. No need to change your sales process
  2. No need to change your pencil system
  3. No need to change your menu
  4. No need to change your trade tool
  5. No need to change your website integrations

Get Decisions From All Your Current Lending Partners

Our direct integration with DealerTrack and RouteOne makes it easy to work with all your current lenders. No new set up or management; you simply see which lender provides the highest profit on every deal. 

Enjoy a better understanding of how your lender relationships are working for you. Can they improve their performance and get more of your deals?

Are the F&I manager spiffs helping or hurting the dealership profitability? 

See (in real-time) that spiffs aren’t hurting dealership F&I profits.

You can put parameters on each lender’s preferred credit segment and drastically increase the look to book ratio for each lender. Keeping the lenders happier and allowing them to buy more deals more efficiently.

Whether Sub-prime or gold bond, each lender has their “preferred” clients and will pay you top dollar for the right deals. ProfitIQ makes sure you can see which lender is willing to pay you the most, maximizing the F&I profit on each deal.

Spend More Time Selling a Profitable Deal

Spend more time selling ancillary products based on maximizing profitability within each lender’s decision parameters.

Each deal and each lender has a maximum (LTV) allowable percentage over retail price. Find the most profitable way to sell additional products into the financing decisions. 

Compare, analyze, and MAXIMIZE F&I profit on each deal while selling service agreements, upgrades, and ancillary products.

Speed and Accuracy Increased

Cut out all the high effort calculations and focus on selling more products during the F&I process.

No fat finger data entry mistakes, making it faster and easier to get accurate lender decisions to analyze. 

Handle more customers and lender decisions every day. Letting ProfitIQ show you the profitability of each lender decision allows the F&I manager to focus their time on upselling more products, not doing multiple calculations per deal to “find” a profitable deal.

What would it do for your income if you could put every deal out at the maximum profit regardless of how many deals you are working on a busy day? Speed to see profitability and still deliver the deal quickly for your sales team.

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