Eliminating the divide between your online (Digital Retailing) and your showroom retailing.

Major corporations have struggled with linking their legacy in-store sales software to the digital retailing transition. Many companies had to have separate online software and processes because their legacy systems didn’t work well for their retail business’s digital side. This is where most dealers find themselves today. 

It creates a divide for customers and staff, leaving multiple roadblocks in what should be a universal sales process that flows smoothly between online and in-store. 

Over time, most companies were able to connect their online retail processes with their legacy processes. Some had to change and update their internal systems. Some just added connections between the two systems, and some even transitioned their digital system into being their primary retail system and exited their legacy software.

CreditIQ’s Retail Operating System allows dealers to connect their current showroom software to run digital and showroom sales through the same retail platform. Whether a customer starts a deal online and comes to the showroom to finish or a customer begins in the showroom and wants to complete the deal later, remotely via online, the CreditIQ Retail Operating System helps dealers get the sale finalized with a “to the penny” deal structure.

Lead or Up:

Every sale starts as a lead or an up that gets put into your CRM. Even if a customer doesn’t go through the full sale process, you have all their lead information. You collect this information for ups and on your website right now. Using the CreditIQ Retail Operating System allows you to get every lead into the same sales process so your team can focus on closing the sale today. However, customers often want to shift the buying process from online to in the showroom. Your team can pick up the deal in the showroom exactly where it was left off online and never have to restart or redo any information capture as all deals will be in the ROS dashboard.

Open negotiation or one price stores:

Regardless of your pricing model, having one retailing platform saves you time and money. It is making sure you can easily transition from one to the other (either direction) and always having the deal details available no matter where in the sales process the deal is being handled that is important.

Credit approvals:

Have your customers fill out their credit information in the ROS. They can do this online whether they are home or using the phone in the showroom. Your team saves time and eliminates data entry errors by having the customers provide the information. Once the digital credit application is confirmed, the F&I department can easily get automated lender decisions to save them time shopping for the most profitable deal structure. All decisions can be reviewed and confirmed by the F&I team.

F&I Product Sales:

Get every customer to review all your F&I protection and ancillary products, whether buying online or going into the F&I box at the store. The ROS provides customers with product information or can be set to allow them to purchase additional F&I products. In-store, customers can review the importance of the products before heading into the F&I sales pitch. Online customers can preview products for purchase before a showroom visit or add them to their online deal, so they are included in the final payment calculation.

Tax, title, license, fees:

Your current showroom desking process does a good job of making sure you are contract ready. CreditIQ ROS integrates with your current software to allow (DMS, Dealertrack, RouteOne, NADA, KBB, lenders, trade-in payoff, etc.) you to deliver pencil perfect payments that include all the accurate tax, title, license, and fees for each deal. If your customer is 500 miles away and buying online, you will still deliver pencil perfect payments in the CreditIQ ROS.


Trades are a big part of the purchase process, so we are fully integrated with NADA and KBB to make sure you have the most accurate market information on all your trade deals. We allow you to be aggressive or hold back a reserve for your online customers. Used car managers have total value manipulation of customers’ trade values when they are at the dealership. When an online customer comes to the dealership to finalize the trade and purchase transaction, the trade can easily be adjusted to meet the vehicle’s actual value if the customer left out any issues with the vehicle.


Any way you look at it, eContracting is a huge asset for dealers. Not only does it cut operational costs like printing (paper & ink), but FedEx charges as well. Top that off with the immediate transfer of funds, and you have a faster, more efficient process that keeps your bank account flush to add more inventory. 

No jumping between software, whether working an online deal or a showroom up, it’s all the same. Everything is done inside CreditIQ’s Retail Operating System. CrediitIQ’s ROS communicates with all your legacy software to give you a simplified sale process, plus all the data gets precisely stored where it needs to be, just like you have with your current showroom sales data.