Expand Margins
Save Time
Maximize Profits

Smart Use of Real-Time Data

Real-Time Speed Improves PVR

Your customer’s time is often their most valuable commodity, and the faster you deliver, the more transparent the experience appears to be. The result of high customer satisfaction is known.

Integrated Data Increases Data Value

Now that you have the tools to go much faster, realize that with your new time, you can actually do work you would not normally do. Know how much your lender offer really is, reduce the number of fat-finger errors, and feel the results.

Smart data closes sales faster 

With the integrations taking over the dirty work, another new benefit is getting your team more time to identify and close more opportunities. We’re all in the business of time.


Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.

Knowledge to Maximize Lender Profit on Every F&I Deal

Benefits of ProfitIQ

Bolt-on F&I margin expansion.

Easily Compare Lender Decisions

Integrations with DealerTrack, RouteOne, F&I Express, KBB, and NADA mean that you have real valuations, pricing, and decisions that allow you to structure real deals in real-time.

Real Deal Calcs

Your customers want the ‘out the door price’ so they can get their exact down and monthly payment. CreditIQ’s Contract-Ready calculations make it possible to deliver.

Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.

The art of F&I can be paired with the proper math to enable your team to act with concrete knowledge. Eliminate the wait and tighten up your placement and funding processes.

Make it the right install

Andy Mohr Avon Nissan

“CreditIQ was by far the easiest install and clearest ROI of any digital retail platform we explored. We installed big brand names, and as being a high-volume store, we’ve seen them all. In the sea of complex digital retail experiences, CreditIQ provides a platform anyone can use.”

– Pat Hurst, General Manager

Digital Retail

Contract-Ready Digital Retailing

CreditIQ’s digital retail platform is all about providing a clean end-to-end process that your customers will love.

Benefits of CreditIQ Digital Retail

From bolt-on to deep operational implementation.

API Integrations to Fit Your Process

CreditIQ facilitates integrations into your diverse technology ecosystem. CRM push/pull? Check. Inventory sync? Check. Deep DealerTrack & RouteOne two-way integrations? Check. Incentives & Rebates with stackability? Check. Over 190 F&I products providers? Check, again.

DR, Trade, and Credit Apps

Digital retail is an operational decision, not just a super lead decision. Integrated DR, Credit App, and Trade Tool drive customer engagement, and unify your experiences, increasing PVR.

Deep Contracting Integrations

Digital retail is an operational decision, not just a super lead decision. The best process is one platform to support all of the little calculations and make contracting a cinch. We facilitate contracting as a certified menu, certified eContracting integration with RouteOne, CDK, and much more.

Facilitate the tightest experience

Unlock your data silos and easily maximize profit

Fully integrated with all your current platforms

Deep integrations drive results.

When it comes to compliance, we have your back

As the only PCI-certified Digital Retail provider, you can rest assured knowing that we comply with the highest levels of data security in the market. This is the same certification required by many banks and credit bureaus.

Digital Retail Operating System (DROS)

Go beyond the widget on the website.

Start implementing next-generation processes from sales to the tower, to F&I, and unlock PVR growth.

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