How to Get more Funded Sales to increase profits!


Dealerships track many things, but the one thing that counts on the profit statement is sales.

Funded sales, to be exact. Whether lender funded or cash funded, a sale is not a sale until it’s funded and the dealership posts revenue and profit.

Is your deal management process delaying or even blocking your customers from becoming funded?

Modern Deal Management gets customers through the funding process faster and usually at a higher PVR. It’s one process that works for both online and showroom customers, so the dealership team only has to use one platform regardless of where the customer enters the sales cycle.

For customers that want to enter the sales cycle online, Modern Deal Management allows them to enter through Trade Valuation tools, Credit Application tools, and even complete a fully funded sale online. Customers can also stop anywhere in the online process and pick it up at the dealership and get the help of the showroom sales or F&I team.

Modern Deal Management is versatile for both the customer and the dealership team. What makes it genuinely modern is how it’s connected directly to the credit and funding process. A modern deal process automates the manual labor in the sales process and delivers maximum F&I PVR quickly and consistently. Online customers can go through a Modern Deal Management process with finalized lender funding in 30 minutes. A busy F&I manager can get back hours a day by eliminating much of the manual work while finalizing funding in minutes.

For example, one CreditIQ client delivers twice as many vehicles per team member as they did before switching to the CreditIQ Modern Deal Management platform. It’s less complicated, faster, and easier to maximize PVR with the Modern Deal Management platform. 

Dealer groups need to own the future of the automotive retailing customer experience. The CreditIQ Modern Deal Management platform is enterprise-level software that can deliver a branded customer retail experience for medium to large dealer groups. A standardized Modern Deal Management process can also be implemented at the rooftop level for smaller groups. Is your current deal management platform ready for modern automotive retailing?

Taking time to learn and adjust to modern customer direction is difficult. Seeing sales fall because your Deal Management platform is old school will be much more painful.

If you are interested in learning more about CreditIQ’s Modern Deal Management platform, please reach out to us at – sales@creditiq.com 

Kent Mihlbauer
Author: Kent Mihlbauer