Expand your sales radius by delivering customer confidence with Digital Retailing


When we order from Amazon or other online retailers, we don’t even consider where it is being shipped from. We have confidence that once we approve the sale, it will show up at our door.

Automotive retailing is undoubtedly different than getting the latest kitchen gadget delivered, but the consumer emotions are the same.

Most automotive customers search and buy locally because the process requires a heavy investment of their time. We already know they spend 12-20 hours researching their purchase online. The real investment of time comes when they have to drive to the dealership.

Without a great Retail Operating System that gives online customers the confidence to pick up the vehicle, you end up limiting your sales radius. Not many customers will drive 100 miles if they aren’t 100% confident they will drive home with the new vehicle they bought online.

They need to be confident:

  1. The vehicle they worked their online deal on is theirs and will be at the dealership waiting for them when they arrive.
  2. The financing or lease terms have been finalized, and they have been APPROVED.
  3. The fees, taxes, title, license, and F&I ancillary products have been ACCURATELY built into the deal.

When your Retail Operating System can deliver digital deals that meet those three elements, customers will be confident in traveling to your dealership from outside the traditional local radius.

Marketing your ability to deliver these elements will likely help you grow market share within your traditional local market as well. Once customers near and far trust you can deliver digital deals, your dealership will stay top of mind. Expanding your radius is a great way to get incremental sales every month. Becoming recognized as the best digital retailing dealership will add local sales, increase referrals, and increase per vehicle gross revenue.

It takes more than just adding a “buy now” button to your website to capture these gains. That’s why CreditIQ’s Retail Operating System is fully integrated with your showroom sales processes and software. Our website button links directly into your sales and F&I backend, giving you the ability to deliver the three elements (and more) that give customers the confidence to buy online.

If you are interested in having CreditIQ show you a demo of our Retail Operating System and digital retailing, please reach out to us at – sales@creditiq.com or click below to learn more.

Kent Mihlbauer
Author: Kent Mihlbauer

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