For CDK dealers, full integration is vital for your digital retailing platform


Are you on the CDK DMS platform?

We all know how important it is to keep our data clean. Your CDK DMS needs to be the #1 source of clean data.

When looking at digital retailing platforms as a CDK dealer, it’s vital to make sure any vendor has full writeback and extract capabilities.

What you gain with full writeback and extract integration in CDK.

  1. CLEAN data – no fat finger re-entry mistakes that cloud up your DMS data
  2. Speed – no re-entry keying needed, which makes data transfer simple and fast.
  3. Deal structures are aligned throughout the sales process.
  4. Precise calculations for taxes, fees, licenses, lender decisions, terms, etc.
  5. Accurate e-contracting with precise DMS data

Software designed to make your job easier needs to be fully integrated with the systems you already use. 

Software that is designed to accomplish digital retailing but requires extra steps and work does half the job. CreditIQ understands that creating software with a flow that adds additional steps will not make users happy and thus will be less effective.

We also know that full integration is not easy in our industry. That is why a lot of Digital Retailing platforms do not fully integrate with CDK. We wanted to create the best and easiest platform in the industry so that digital retailing is more effective.

Because we are fully integrated, dealers are seeing the F&I teams execute more deals per team member. Fewer mistakes happen, and fewer revisions need to be done by the F&I team. That drives efficiency as well as customer satisfaction due to the increased speed each deal has in getting through the F&I process.

If you are using a digital retailing platform that is not integrated with CDK and requires your team to perform additional steps during a digital retail sale, then you should talk with us. We would enjoy showing how our fully integrated (and easy) platform can save you time, keep your data clean, and even increase PVR on digital retailing.

If you are interested in having CreditIQ get you set up for Contract Ready Digital Retailing to make your F&I team more efficient and profitable, please reach out to us at – sales@creditiq.com.

Kent Mihlbauer
Author: Kent Mihlbauer

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