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How would you feel if you always had a green light in front of you as you drive? Could you make it to work ten minutes earlier? 20 minutes earlier? How much time would you stop wasting every day? Every week? Every month?

What if you applied the green light scenario to reviewing lender decisions in the F&I department?

What if you sent out a deal to 3, 4, 5, 6, or more lenders and could instantly see which lender decision has the Maximum profit just by looking for the green highlights?

And imagine that those green highlights help you average $40-$120 per deal in additional profit. 

That’s what ProfitIQ does for the F&I team. They can get maximum profit on each deal with less time spent doing calculations. They can process more deals and spend more time selling ancillary products that best fit the lender decision parameters.

Can you and your F&I team read the below chart and find the Maximum Profit lender decision? If so, they can easily average $40-$120 in additional F&I revenue per deal on the units you are already selling every month.

ProfitIQ is easy to set up and works with all your current lenders. It integrates with all your existing software to help your F&I team instantly compare and find the Maximum Profit on each deal. They are already working hard to maximize profit, but we know they are busy and sometimes miss golden opportunities to maximize profit. We know this because we see ProfitIQ delivering $40-$120 per deal over the unassisted F&I department. Heck, the F&I managers requested we build ProfitIQ to help them be faster and increase their commissionable sales revenue.

Good technology is created to benefit humans, and ProfitIQ delivers many benefits at a very impressive ROI for the dealership.

If you are interested in learning more about how ProfitIQ can increase your F&I profit by quickly identifying the Maximum lender decision profit, please reach out to us at – sales@creditiq.com

Kent Mihlbauer
Author: Kent Mihlbauer

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