Sync your online DR with your Showroom Sales Process


When you drop the baton in a relay race, you lose.

You often get the same result when the handoff between your Digital Retailing platform and your showroom is dropped.

One of the most significant issues that create this dropped baton is when the Digital Retailing platform doesn’t integrate with your showroom platforms. Without integrations, the handoff can’t sync data. When data isn’t synced, you have payment structures, creditworthiness, trade information, taxes, dealership fees, and many other off-base elements.

Even when a deal structure is just a little off base, it creates tension between the customer and dealership staff during the handoff. The handoff sets the stage for the customer’s dealership interaction. An inaccurate handoff creates trust issues at the very beginning of in-person relationship building. This moment is when customers decide if they will trust the dealership or be extra defensive while trying to finalize a deal. Sometimes, they lose so much trust they walk away from the deal altogether.

The best way to ensure that the online to showroom hand-off is accurate is to ensure your Digital Retailing platform integrates with all your showroom systems.

CreditIQ has done the hard work to integrate with crucial showroom platforms and provides these connections in our platform.

With all our integration, we allow you to work on digital deals within your showroom framework, as shown below.

If you are interested in having CreditIQ get you set up for Pencil Perfect Contract Ready Digital Leasing/Retailing and making your digital to retail handoff Olympic quality, please reach out to us at – sales@creditiq.com.

Kent Mihlbauer
Author: Kent Mihlbauer

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