How much does it cost you to train a new F&I manager to be just 80% effective?

There are two scenarios: Promoting or hiring a newbie into the F&I department and training them from scratch. Hiring a trained F&I director from another organization. Both have different cost structures, but they both need training and management oversight for a set time. If they are a newbie, they have to learn all the lending … Read more

Don’t Let the chip supply shortage destroy your profit

The chip shortage has created an inventory shortage that looks to be getting worse. It may be some time before the OEM’s get back on track with a steady supply of vehicles for dealers. The lack of new vehicles has increased the cost for the dealers to get used vehicles as well. The price increase … Read more

How to Stop ‘Good enough’ F&I Practices that kill gross profit

Why do we accept $1,500, $1,800, or $2,100 in F&I profit as ‘good enough’? We all know the ‘good enough’ mindset leaves profits on the table. Traditionally the work needed to capture the additional $40-$120 PVR most dealerships forgo has outweighed the profit reward. Thus, ‘Good Enough’ has become a dollar figure per unit sold. … Read more

How to organize lender callback data to maximize deal profitability.

The F&I managers do a great job of selecting the best lenders to submit a deal. They instantly have a good idea of what each lender looks for and what they will accept. Choosing lenders for the deal and getting callbacks is easy and fast for most F&I managers. The time-consuming part is breaking down … Read more

3 Expert recommendations to increase F&I income

If you are an F&I manager and looking to increase your paycheck, experts and trainers recommend doing additional work to increase your income. Let’s think about that for a second before we jump into the recommendations. You are likely already very busy, and adding additional work and processes to your schedule seems a little unrealistic. … Read more